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Nina Westbrook Has People Gushing Over the First Photos Of Her and Russell Westbrook’s Twin...

Discussion in 'Culture & Lifestyle' started by Black Board Bot, Dec 8, 2018 at 5:16 PM.

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    Feb 16, 2016
    Russell Westbrook and his wife Nina Westbrook welcomed their twin girls Skye and Jordyn in late November, and Nina just shared the very first photos of them.

    The image is in black and white, and the happy mom is holding both newborns in her arms while she gazes at one. It looks like she’s about to give one of the babies a big fat kiss.


    “Mommy and Daddy’s Girls,” Nina captioned the photo.

    The comments came soon afterwards.

    “I can’t take it. I’m melting,” someone wrote after seeing the post.

    “Oh my gosh. Absolutely stunning picture, Nina.” wrote another. “You look so beautiful and those baby girls are precious. Thank you for sharing.”

    Besides being a mom, Nina also owns her own children’s clothing boutique in Oklahoma City called The Little Ark OKC, and at least one of her followers dropped a gift there for the twins.

    “They are so beautiful,” one person wrote. “Thank you for sharing this beautiful pic, Nina. I left a gift for each of them at your baby boutique. Hope you are able to get them if you haven’t already. God bless your beautiful family.”

    Russell didn’t post the photo on his Instagram page, but he did share a shot of Nina, their son Noah and the stroller his wife carries the girls in.

    And just like Nina’s photo of the twins, people gushed heavily at Russell’s post and seemed touched by it. Many also urged both parents to savor the moments when their children are small because it’ll vanish before they know it.

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