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Kevin Hart’s Inspirational Message Goes Left After Fans Call Him a Liar

Discussion in 'Culture & Lifestyle' started by Black Board Bot, Dec 8, 2018 at 1:12 PM.

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    Feb 16, 2016
    Kevin Hart likes to post inspirational messages from time to time and for the most part they’re pretty well-received.

    But that wasn’t the case when the actor and comedian shared part of a conversation he had with his children over the phone.

    “I was asked the most amazing question from my kids today on the phone. ‘They said ‘Dad, why don’t you get mad when people talk about you on the Internet,” he wrote. “My answer was ‘I never see that stuff because I’m to busy being happy and loving you two.’


    A lot of the comments were really positive and people thanked Kevin for his words. But some called him a liar, because he’s responded to negative things being said online about him in the past.

    Like the time he was seen in a car parked car with an unknown woman in Miami while married. As soon as the cheating rumors started to fly, Kevin took to social media and addressed the situation.

    He also did the same thing when one of his former friends recorded him having sex with a woman named Montia Sabbag in an extortion attempt.

    Plus, the “Ride Along” co-star said he was annoyed when comedian Michael Blackson clowned him about the cheating scandal but still, Kevin said he doesn’t pay attention to what’s being said about him online.

    “This n—- always floating around whoever he wanna name drop,” someone wrote. “Just go to ‘The Breakfast Club’ again and tell us who you’re upset with today.”

    Others said the Philly native has a very heavy social media presence and seems really concerned about his online reputation.

    “As he goes online to post about it and always does social media videos,” someone wrote.

    “He said while maintaining one of the most active social media presence of any celebrity,” another person commented.

    Then there were those who fell somewhere in between liking and disliking Kevin’s post. Because they appreciated the message but didn’t believe his kids asked him about the Internet.

    “Them little n—- didn’t say all that, but I appreciate the message. It’s important,” one person commented.

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