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Discussion in 'Culture & Lifestyle' started by Lord Princess, May 17, 2018.

  1. Lord Princess

    Lord Princess Well-Known Member
    VIP Backstage Pass

    Jun 24, 2016



    petition signatures alone aren't working this time.

    In Trump's America, no one is scared of disappointing Black people. Even with thousands of people petitioning her, Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich refuses to seek #JusticeForChikesia. We have a plan to escalate and force her to act, but we need you to stand with us in person this time.

    Will you become a real rider for justice? We will provide the food and the travel.

    Join our staff and 50 other Color Of Change members on Monday, May 21 for Justice Rides from your city to Mobile, AL! We are demanding Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich end the criminalization of Chikesia Clemons.

    We only have 5 days to mobilize Black people across the South and our staff is working around the clock because ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! On Monday, we are going straight to DA Rich’s office to deliver over 50,000 signatures from Color Of Change members demanding she dismiss all charges against Chikesia Clemons who was brutalized by police in a Waffle House last month.

    We must disrupt this pattern of violent behavior by demanding accountability from elected officials. Fighting for Kesia means fighting for countless other Black women who have fallen victim to state violence. Justice for Chikesia is justice for us all.

    Will you join us on the Justice Ride for Chikesia Clemons? Reserve your seat on the bus today!

    Picture this - hundreds of Black people bussed in from the South, taking it to the streets, marching with righteous indignation and demanding justice all in the name of BLACK WOMEN. This is a real possibility, but we need you to get on the bus to make this happen.

    I’m going to be real with you. This level of organization is going to take us doing things we have never done before. It may even mean not going to work, missing class and giving up a day of rest. But the current political moment requires us to do something different. Black women are under attack and we must show that Black women are deserving of care and protection.

    DA Rich must be reminded that no public official is above the law - not the police officers, the Police Chief or the District Attorney herself! No woman should go through what Chikesia experienced at the hands of those whose job is to protect and serve.

    On May 21, be a Justice Rider and #DefendChikesia! Reserve your bus seat now!

    Black women and our allies are working together to organize this action to #SayHerName and demand justice for Chikesia. #SayHerName is a national movement that began in 2015 to bring attention to violence against Black women, girls, and trans women. It is important to stand with Chikesia at this moment because like in so many cases of violence towards Black women, her story has not had a lot of mainstream coverage.

    The death of Sandra Bland did not initially receive the coverage it deserved. It was the advocacy of Color Of Change members and activists across the country that pushed Sandra’s case to be at the forefront of mainstream media. After the arrest of the two Black men at the Starbucks in Philadelphia, Rashid Nelson, and Donte Robinson, there was a national outcry to stop calling the police on Black people. The nation responded with righteous anger for justice to be served for those brothers. We need the same energy for Chikesia Clemons!

    The deafening silence from DA Rich sends a very clear message to Black women all across Alabama - racist police officers will continue to operate with impunity. Black women should not have to deny their full humanity in order to avoid harassment and mistreatment in public spaces. This blatant disregard for Black women must come to an end. Black women deserve dignity and respect! It is time for us to act!

    Join us the Justice Ride for Chikesia Clemons on Monday, 5/21!

    Until justice is real,

    Enchanta Jackson

    Color Of Change is building a movement to elevate the voices of Black folks and our allies, and win real social and political change. Help keep our movement strong.

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