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After Marriage Imploded on Screen, ‘Married to Medicine’ Star Quad Webb-Lunceford Files for...

Discussion in 'Culture & Lifestyle' started by Black Board Bot, May 17, 2018.

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    Feb 16, 2016
    “Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb-Lunceford has filed for divorce from husband of five years Dr. Gregory Lunceford.

    Documents obtained by the Jasmine Brand reveal Webb-Lunceford filed documents for a contested divorce — meaning the couple can not arrive at an agreement on an issue to terminate the marriage — on Tuesday, May 1.

    The documents state the couple, who married on July 28, 2012, list the date of separation at or around April 2, 2018. Webb-Lunceford accused Lunceford of “cruel treatment willfully inflicted” upon her, “such as reasonably justified apprehension” for her mental health, and adultery.

    The duo splitting up should come as no surprise, as the latest season of the Bravo series showed their marital strife.

    “You only think that a wife is strictly supposed to be there for her husband and her husband only,” Webb-Lunceford says on the season five episode. “And, Gregory, I’m sorry. I have goals, I have aspirations, I have dreams.”

    In an interview, Gregory said his wife hasn’t been giving him what he needs, which is a family. It culminated in Webb-Lunceford asking her husband if he wants a divorce, which seemed to confuse him.

    “If you’re 50, right, and I’m 36, why are we wasting time?” she says.

    “I don’t want to have this conversation on TV but you do. … That’s not for me,” he says before saying he signed up for reality TV for Webb-Lunceford.

    Cameras caught the couple butting heads over starting a family and during the last season’s reunion show, Dr. G addressed him going to a hotel with another woman, who later tried to extort him.

    As such, several fans were not surprised by the news.

    “Quad filed for divorce? Welp. Not shocked after what her [sic] and her husband were going through on the last season of Married to Med,” one person tweeted. “She’s been ready to spread her wings and be independent after he basically told her she’s just a housewife. Go, sis!”

    “Not surprised Quad and her husband are getting a divorce…..” said another.

    But others were still upset.

    “OMG NO,” someone posted.

    Another said, “Greg and Quad filed for a divorce… [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] I really wanted them to pull through, man!”

    This is the latest divorce filing in the “Married to Medicine” cast.

    Dr. Simone Whitmore had filed to leave Cecil Whitmore, her husband of 21 years, before pumping the breaks to work on their marriage.

    Additionally, Dr. Jacqueline Walters filed for divorce after her husband, Curtis Berry’s, mistress publicized their affair. However, Walters later obtained dismissal papers.

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