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‘Black Ink Chicago’s Don Brumfield Confronts Mistress After Wife Threatens to Leave With...

Discussion in 'Culture & Lifestyle' started by Black Board Bot, Jun 14, 2018 at 10:14 PM.

  1. Black Board Bot

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    Feb 16, 2016

    Reality star and tattoo artist Don Brumfield of “Black Inc Crew Chicago” was caught off guard by the woman allegedly carrying his child during Wednesday night’s episode and the confrontation didn’t end well at all.

    Last Wednesday Brumfield’s wife Ashley Brumfield sat down with the other woman named Ta’Shay Arial who claimed to be pregnant by Brumfield. She also told Ashley, that she and Don’s affair had been going on for a year and he paid to abort her first pregnancy. Their casual meeting abruptly turned left requiring security to intervene.

    Don confessed to cheating on Ashley and said it was a one night stand, but Arial cornered the reality star at the “Chicagorilla” clothing event and the tattoo artist accused his mistress of lying.

    “I already told my wife I slept with you,” Don said to Arial. “Everybody that knows you associate you with lies.”

    The tattoo artist continued, “Yes, I did sleep with you but it was a big mistake. I never led you on, I never told you I wanted to be with you… At the end of the day this isn’t what I want.. You think I want my kids separated, you think I want my house f**ked up? No I don’t…”

    In the midst of their heated discussion one of Don’s “peoples” threw water on the pregnant woman and an altercation broke out.

    “Black Inc Crew Chicago” watchers slammed Don and his crew for bashing Arial.

    One fan commented, “Everyone wants to clown the woman. Like this not Don first time cheating & having a baby outside of his relationship. This man don’t respect Ashley or his marriage. So why should someone else. Like fool you really posted a video of you getting head can’t be that damn slow.”

    Another said, “Regardless if she is lying, she is pregnant!!! Which means it’s some truth to what she saying!!”

    Another Instagram user wrote, “He knew he was married. She don’t have no vows to uphold he does. She can sleep with whomever. She’s not the first and won’t be the last.”

    The VH1 star isn’t sure whether the unborn baby is his or not, but he
    hopes” the child isn’t his. As far now he and his wife Ashley are currently separated.

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